Tree and leaves

Recently, I got a notification on my phone informing me that I had last checked into Instagram over six months ago. The app egged me to check out what people around me were doing. What they had eaten, where they traveled, who they met with and where they were.And all my friends who had liked… Continue reading Tree and leaves


With glass shards and broken beads That amalmagated to form the wonderous horizon Of colours that bounced off angled mirrors Shining in the afternoon heat With each twirl, the design changed dynamically As if propelled by the creator himself Each pattern more distinct than the other A gentle rattle reminded me of the rain outside… Continue reading Kaledioscope

Vaporub and memories

Recently, I ordered Vaporub online as a precaution due to the ongoing COVID crisis. A soothing balm to my afternoon headaches, a spoonful in warm water to relieve clogged nostrils and everything that it claims. A panacea for cold and related symptoms.I ordered a large tub lest it finishes amidst the lockdown. I nestled the… Continue reading Vaporub and memories